Who I Am

I am a native Virginian with an extensive background in communications and production. I have a passion for writing so much so that I spend most of my free time blogging, writing screenplays and journaling. My ideal role would be one where I can take readers on an adventure. One of my favorite professors from VCU once said, "If you know a little bit about a lot of things, it will make you a better journalist" and is this notion that drives me everyday. Currently, I work as a Newscast Director with WTVR, volunteer with ReThink Theatrical, a nonprofit theater company based in New Jersey, and recently started my own marketing firm, Jennuine Raydiance.

Jennuine Raydiance

Jennuine Raydiance was birthed out of the love of helping good people do good things. The two women who inspired the name of the company were always doing as much as they could for others. I want to continue that legacy. 

Jennuine Raydiance Marketing (“JRM”) offers marketing, consulting, copywriting, and production services. My job is to focus on all the small things so you can focus on the big stuff.

How I Work

I have worked in news for a number of years and have always been a person who hates to be idle. I pride myself on being efficient, quick and inquisitive. My mind is always working to find out how I can do more than is expected. 

My Capabilities

I love to write. It is my superpower, but I have learned a bevy of things throughout my career. Use me for all your copywriting, public relations, social media, basic design, marketing strategy, video production and photography needs. 

Get in Touch

Shoot me an email if you want to chat further!

Writing Samples

How Do I Choose the Best Hearing Protection?

Think about what noises you encounter daily. Do you work in an environment where you wear other protection while you work? Are ear plugs best or would earmuffs be better? Is it usually hot or cold where you work? Do you work outside or inside? Another thing to think about is how often you need to hear when someone is speaking. Before buying hearing protection, really think about the environment you’re in every day and decide what protection is best for everyday use. Assess How Much Noise Reduct
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Spring Registration Now Open for the Hezekiah Walker Center for Gospel Music at Virginia Union University | Virginia Union University

Spring Registration Now Open for the Hezekiah Walker Center for Gospel Music at Virginia Union University [RICHMOND, VA – March 1, 2022] – Spring 2022 registration is now open for the Hezekiah Walker Center for Gospel Music at Virginia Union University. The four courses offered, Gospel Heritage, Worship 101, Song Writing, Publishing, & Licensing, and The Power of Sacred Music will leave students with knowledge of the history and evolution of gospel music, how to craft anthems and melodies that

From Shutdown to the “New Normal:” Reintroducing Your Ears to Sounds

Roughly two years into the pandemic, and the world is still adjusting to the “new normal.” At the start, many of you went from commuting back and forth to the office to commuting back and forth down the hall to a home office. Such a drastic change like that affects more than just your daily routine. It could also have affected your hearing. Many offices have a certain hustle and bustle and with that comes a certain amount of noise exposure. However, with many of us working remotely, you may hav

Case Studies — waterers

Freelance opportunity to tell the stories of nine recipients of funds from nonprofit The Waterers based in the Midwest. All case studies were written by me. The Waterers are the entrusted fund stewards of the Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and the 23 Native Nations geographic region Assembly. Our Assembly centers Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) creatives as leaders. Our gift-making strategy attends to the nuance and complexities of this region.
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Black Watch Movies

Video Production

Performance Assesments

VDOE staff and educators from the department's study regions gathered in Richmond in August to develop tools for school divisions to create valid and reliable performance assessments. The professional learning opportunity kicked off a two-year initiative to build the capacity of school divisions to create performance assessments. The initiative is funded through a $1.1 million grant from the Hewlett Foundation with support from Jobs for the Future and the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity.

Farm to School Week

Farm-to-school programs, like this one at Trevilians Elementary in Louisa County, connect students and schools with locally grown and raised food products and provide children with healthy food items in school cafeterias. According to the most recent USDA survey of school districts, 68 of Virginia’s 132 school divisions have farm-to-school programs and another 30 are in the process of establishing programs. In addition, nearly half of the divisions plan to increase purchases of locally grown-and-raised food products.

School Bus Parking Brake Interlock Retrofitting

The Virginia Department of Education has notified the commonwealth’s 132 school divisions that as many as 4,000 school buses may need retrofitting this summer to install a safety feature that prevents the parking brake from accidentally disengaging. The mechanism — a brake interlock — is required in Virginia on all buses with automatic transmissions purchased after March 24, 2011, when the device was added to the state Board of Education’s minimum specifications for school buses. On buses equipped with a brake interlock, it is not possible to release the parking brake without first depressing the brake pedal.